Anabella Salazar

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Name some people in the group and what they mean to you.


I am Neutral with anyone except Eric & Victor (in a bad way) then Elena (in a good way)

2 years ago on 6 Feb, 12


Just got back, still helping my sister do her science fair project. *Rolleyes* RP anyone?

2 years ago on 5 Feb, 12
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‘Sup, prudes?


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I am. I'm pretty sure if I didn't go Imogene would try and circumcise me.

Haha, oh I’m sorry but it’s a funny thought. Well I guess we must not let that happen, won’t we?

2 years ago on 2 Feb, 12

Well, are you going to Imogenes birthday party?

I am looking forward to it, I’m even ecstatic. How about you?

2 years ago on 2 Feb, 12

I don't have a problem with you. At all.

Then we should talk more then.

2 years ago on 2 Feb, 12

You have problems with someone? Consider me surprised.

A bit of everyone has a problem with me, consider me returning the mutual feeling.

2 years ago on 2 Feb, 12



Hmm, I’d rather answer who I have problems with.

2 years ago on 2 Feb, 12